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Roc Retinol Correxion Eye Cream Review

Overview Roc Retinol Correxion Eye Cream has created an exclusive formula of pure Retinol and Essential Mineral Complex tested to improve a more youthful look around your eyes. This French company has been making skin care products for over 40 years. They specialize in anti-aging products that are guaranteed to take 10 years off your

Dermavexin Review

Overview Dermavexin’s manufacturer promises all the prescription grade benefits of a wrinkle reducer, except for the fact that there are no actual prescription wrinkle reducers. But you see the comparison. They claim that they can deliver the results of botox without all the risks and uncomfortable side effects. The question is always can they deliver

Prevera Review

Overview Prevera is an anti-aging eye cream that is marketed as being more affordable than comparable creams on the market. In fact, the official Provera website devotes much of its basic one-page website to explaining why other companies overcharge for their products (because of excess packaging, advertising for example). Provera claims that it can make

EyeVive Review

Overview EyeVive is apparently produced and marketed by a   company called Dermastetics, but after an exhaustive search of our resources and   the Internet, the team could not come up with very much   information about the company. That being said, we were still determined to   review this product, since it does seem to have a fairly

Evaporte Dark Circle and Bag Eye Cream Reveiw

Overview Evaporte Dark Circle and Bag Eye Cream is a dual action eye cream for diminishing the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags. It’s a fast acting and effective formula against the look of dark circles and puffiness that form under the eye area. After application, the eye contour area appears smoothed and immediately

Teamine Review

Overview Teamine is formulated for sensitive skin and promises to be the only product shown to reduce dark looking circles. Not only will it reduce the appearance of dark circles, but it firms and tightens the look of sagging loose skin and smooths appearance fine line and wrinkles. Teamine complex contains powerful antioxidants to help

Dermalex-MD Review

Overview Dermalex-MD is a product whose tag line (from their official site) is “remove dark circles.” As far as the company’s web site appears, Dermalex-MD does not make other products. The company’s sole mission is to sell its product to eliminate and prevent the appearance of future dark circles under the eyes. There is another

Oxytoxin Type II-A Review

Overview Oxytoxin Type II-A is a product that is described by the manufacturer on the official website as the ‘most advanced Anti-Wrinkle cream’ and is designed to address several aspects of aging skin around the eyes. The site is a very simple and easy to navigate page of information that features customer testimonials and a

Elite Serum Review

Overview Elite Serum is a daily use under-eye serum that helps stop the side effects that come with aging. Elite Serum is designed to remove dark circles under the eyes, reduce and remove eye wrinkles and eliminate under-eye bags. It is  made in the USA according to FDA guidelines. Elite Serum’s manufacturing facility also makes

Hydrolyze Review

Overview Hydrolyze manufacturer claims that this formula is the most effective formula to help you   to eliminate the appearance of dark circles, bags, and even the deepest looking wrinkles. Check out Heather’s video on why you shouldn’t try Hydrolyze below… They claim   that 98% of survey participants claimed that they would recommend Hydrolyze to a