Are Dark Circles Caused by Allergies?

Are Dark Circles Caused by Allergies?

I know how frustrating allergies are to live with… because I have bad ones myself. The most discouraging thing about them is that there seems to be nothing that brings relief. To make matters worse, they can create a wide array of cosmetic problems, like the dark circles caused by allergies.

How do allergies cause dark circles?
The most common way is when there is nasal congestion. You may be thinking what does the nose have to do with the eyes? Well surprisingly, quite a lot. You see they both share the same veins. So that means if your nose is acting up, the veins go into overdrive; becoming bigger and more visible. This is why sometimes even children can suffer from dark circles… obviously they’re too young to get them from aging, but not too young to be a victim of allergies.

Signs your allergies are causing the dark circles…
Some of the signs don’t take a rocket scientist to spot – like a stuffy nose – but some of them may not be so obvious. This is especially true for chronic sufferers that may not even know what it feels like to have a normal nose. Things like constantly having cold and frequent respiratory infections are signs that this is a problem and may be contributing to your dark circles under eyes. Having to breathe through your mouth is another clue that your dark circles may be caused by the enlarged adenoids (the lymphoid tissue behind the nose).

How can you get rid of dark circles?
You need allergy relief if that’s one of the causes. There are a number of newer generation antihistamines which may be able to at least partially alleviate them. In conjunction, you can remove dark eye circles, or at least improve them, by using a dark circles eye treatment.


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