Are Dark Circles Hereditary?

Are Dark Circles Hereditary?

Q: Are dark circles hereditary?

A: Most of the time they are hereditary, but they can also be non-hereditary. However a lot of times, it’s a combination of both. Here’s what you need to know about both…

Have you ever been told you look tired…. when you know you’ve gotten plenty of rest? Or that it looks like you were out last night having a good time… when you didn’t even do anything or go anywhere?

Unfortunately if you have dark circles from hereditary, you probably get told these things all the time. We live in a society that associates our appearances with our lifestyles. If we don’t look our best, often times we get blamed for it. However the truth of the matter is that you may not be at fault at all for your dark circles under eyes.

What’s causing the dark circles when they’re hereditary?
Are dark circles hereditary on you? Then there are one of more factors that are causing them. First and foremost is the thickness of the skin under the eyes. On some of us, it thins with age… this makes the blood capillaries more visible (which give dark circles their color). If you also have loss of fat under your eyes, which is common with aging, then this will also make the capillaries more visible. Last but not least, bone structure of your face might create shadows under your eyes, which only accentuates the dark cicles.

There are a number of decisions you make daily about how you live your life that can contribute to dark circles.

What’s causing the dark circles when they’re non-hereditary?
Sometimes, it really is because you aren’t getting enough sleep! If you are constantly depriving yourself of sleep, then dark circles can form. Also, it probably goes without saying, but things like smoking and not getting proper nutrition can also accelerate the aging process.

What are the best ways to get rid of dark circles?
Are dark circles hereditary? It doesn’t matter, because the treatments are the same. Eye cream for dark circles uses vitamin K, which is known to be extremely helpful with cosmetic circulatory issues like this. While you are using the cream, there is also dark circles concealer that does a great job at masking and disguising them.


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