EyeVive Review

EyeVive Review


EyeVive is apparently produced and marketed by a   company called Dermastetics, but after an exhaustive search of our resources and   the Internet, the team could not come up with very much   information about the company. That being said, we were still determined to   review this product, since it does seem to have a fairly visible presence on the   Internet, and is available for purchase at many online stores, including   Bodesource.com. This site actually contained more information about the product   than the EyeVive web site itself, but it was helpful to compare the details and   make a judgment of the product.       

The promise of this eye cream was great – I suffer from dark shadows under my eyes and have to disguise them with make up. I have been using Eyevive for approximately for nearly 8 weeks now, and the skin around my eyes looks fresher and smoother, the dark circles have reduced, and the skin appears less fragile and more ‘plump’.

– Vanitia from Yahoo Answers


EyeVive combines many different   ingredients to help reduce appearance of fine lines, diminish dark looking circles and decrease visible  under-eye puffiness. For example, it contains many different kinds of peptides –   including Pamitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 – which are intended to relax the facial   muscles and reduce the potential for skin to wrinkle and form crow’s feet. In   addition, EyeVive contains Chrysin (a citrus fruit extract) and Algae   concentrate, which are included to calm visible swelling in the eye area and improve   circulation to the eye area skin, which may moderately decrease the look of puffiness and   improve color in the skin.        

Unfortunately, EyeVive does not spend much time discussing these ingredients   or illustrating how they can produce the kind of effects that customers may want   for dark circles, puffiness or crow’s feet. Most of the information on the   EyeVive site and the third-party retailers that sell the product focus on the   problems that can contribute to eye area problems and what the product is   intended to do. However, most of the information about the ingredients was based   on our own research and knowledge about products that contain similar   ingredients.


  • Some of the ingredients are known for   positive effects on aging skin
  • Some testimonials are provided on third-party retail stores


  •        Company does not include any research on its ingredients
  •        Website contains very little information about the product   itself
  •        Products cannot be purchased directly from the website




Even though we are aware that some of the   ingredients in EyeVive can have helpful effects on dark circles and other signs   of aging near the eye, that is due mostly to our own efforts rather than any   information provided by the company. EyeVive website   spends more time discussing the problems associated with eye-area skin aging and   how the product can help. But it spends very little time discussing the   ingredients in the formula, how they work or what scientific tests support   their usage. The site does contain some before and after photos, which show some   of the potential effects of the formula, but they seem a bit “doctored” to us,   calling into question the company’s integrity. The   product can only be purchased by visiting a separate online store, which may be   a hassle for most customers. For this reason – and the fact that   consumers are expected to purchase EyeVive from separate online retailers – we   are hesitant to recommend EyeVive.


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