Oxytoxin Type II-A Review

Oxytoxin Type II-A Review


Oxytoxin Type II-A is a product that is described by the manufacturer on the official website as the ‘most advanced Anti-Wrinkle cream’ and is designed to address several aspects of aging skin around the eyes. The site is a very simple and easy to navigate page of information that features customer testimonials and a brief FAQ section. The overall image of the product is clinical and professional although there are no details about the manufacturer or contact information.

Customers can purchase Oxytoxin Type II-A directly from the website in a 100% secure ordering process and a full 90-day money back guarantee is offered. A one month supply of the product costs $99.95 (a $50.00 discount off the regular price) although it is more economical to purchase it in bulk (i.e. buy 3, get 1 free for $199.95)

Haven’t noticed any difference, but it is a nice cream to add a little extra protection to the under eye area. Would not buy again based on price though because I haven’t noticed any difference in either dark circles or puffiness.

-Maggie on Amazon


Only the three main active ingredients contained in the Oxytoxin Type II-A formula are listed and explained. Two of the ingredients are patented and include diagrams and downloadable clinical test results. The three ingredients, Eyeseryl, Pepha-Tight and Vitamin C are used in their optimal doses of 5%, according to the manufacturer, and customers have reported seeing results in as little as 3 days of use.

Eyeseryl is used to help reduce the look of under eye bags by as much as 70% while increasing elasticity by 30%. Pepha-Tight, as the name suggests, tightens the loose, aging skin look in the eye area, strengthening the connective tissue and stimulating collagen production. Vitamin C also helps increase collagen and brightens dark skin pigmentation.Benefits:



  • Discounted prices are offered
  • There is a 90-day money back guarantee
  • The main active ingredients are listed
  • Customer testimonials are provided


  • No manufacturer contact information is provided
  • The full ingredient list is not available
  • The result expectations are exaggerated
  • Oxytoxin Type II-A is expensive


It is appreciated that, unlike some rival anti-aging eye cream products, the manufacturer does supply clinical testing as proof that the featured ingredients do work. However, it is important that the consumer is given the full ingredient list, particularly if they have very sensitive skin. While it is doubtful that results are seen in as little as 3 days (apart from maybe a temporary tightening) and the product is more expensive than most similar brands, anyone who is serious about improving the look of their aging eye skin would likely see an improvement over time, if used on a regular basis


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