Prevera Review

Prevera Review


Prevera is an anti-aging eye cream that is marketed as being more affordable than comparable creams on the market. In fact, the official Provera website devotes much of its basic one-page website to explaining why other companies overcharge for their products (because of excess packaging, advertising for example).

Provera claims that it can make the user look ’10-15 years younger in one month’ and that it works immediately, firming and smoothing the facial skin appearance within 2-3 days. The website isn’t terribly informative about Prevera although it does give fairly lengthy explanations about the six main ingredients. The page also includes a few customer testimonials although they are not accompanied by ‘before and after’ pictures and there is a very short FAQ section that explains how to use the product correctly.

Within the first 2 weeks of using PREVERA I could see quite a difference in the texture of the skin on my face and neck! The lines on my forehead are almost completely gone.My eyes look wide open and brighter. My skin is much tighter and the color is even. I have used Botox, and creams that cost over $200. PREVERA works much better and only costs about $30.00!

  • K. Bilodeau – Amazon Review

Prevera Ingredients

When I initially read about Prevera, I was impressed with the sheer number of peptides in the formula because of the expense to add this many peptides.

First, Prevera relaxes facial muscles with Argireline and Peption-5. Both peptides work similarly to Botox, penetrating deep into the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike Botox, however, these peptides don’t paralyze (or potentially damage) the delicate muscles underneath.

Instead, Argireline and Peption-5 calm the rapid over firing of nerve transmissions to achieve a similar effect.

Then, Prevera stimulates healthy skin cells repair and production with Oligopeptide. This peptide increases collagen production, which not only maintains skin’s elasticity but provides structure to skin cells.

And last, but not least, Prevera protects and nourishes your skin with a combination of Octopeptide, glycerin, and sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients provide a protective layer of moisture, which keeps your skin looking firm and smooth.

All the ingredients are listed for Prevera and, as mentioned, the six   active ingredients are explained well, but in rather scientific terms. Provera   contains six important peptides: Arigireline, Peption 5, Oligopeptide,   Octapeptide, Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate. These substances work together to help stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, making it look firmer, plumper and   filling out the visible lines that give the appearance of wrinkles. The exact amount of   each ingredient contained in the formula is not shown so it cannot be certain   how potent the mixture will be. The formula also contains a number of other   substances including moisturizers and perfumes, the latter making it unsuitable   for very sensitive skin types.

Are Prevera’s ingredients safe?

Prevera is safe to use and compatible with all skin types. However, there is a small risk of experiencing an allergic reaction. Be sure to read the ingredient list carefully before applying it to skin. To further ensure it’s safe for your skin, apply a small amount of Prevera to the back of your hand and wait 24 to 48 hours before applying to the face.

Prevera Benefits

  • The company has a 45-day money back guarantee             
  • The website contains customers testimonials             
  • All the ingredients are listed on the site             
  • The main ingredients are well explained             
  • Prevera contains important peptides             
  • The cream helps to (according to the manufacturer) stimulate collagen production for long lasting results             
  • Discounted prices are given for multiple orders          
  • Prevera has received favorable independent reviews

Prevera Complaints        

  • No clinical tests are cited             
  • The website has an unprofessional image             
  • Prevera contains perfumes             
  • No ‘terms and conditions’ are shown on the website regarding the money back   guarantee             
  • It is unlikely the cream will take ’10-15 years’ off the user’s appearance             
  • The ingredients are explained in very scientific terms             
  • Prevera is only available directly from the company website   

Does Prevera Work?

Judging from the reviews available on the internet, Prevera does seem to work quite well in terms of firming and smoothing the skin appearance and even diminishing dark looking circles under the eyes. Some consumers may be turned off by the number of chemical-based ingredients in the formula, particularly those who prefer more natural, herbal preparations.

The makers of Prevera sell a one month supply of Prevera for $29.99, although they claim the regular retail price is $99.99. This is probably simply a sales tactic to make it seem as though the customer is getting a good deal, and it is unlikely the cream is actually worth almost $100.00. However, given the ingredients and the independent reviews, it certainly would not hurt to give Prevera a try and take advantage of the generous 45-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Prevera might not be perfect, but its clinically proven peptides pack a punch in the fight against age. This unique anti-aging complex offers great results for an affordable price. The customer service is excellent, and the money-back guarantee inspires confidence in the formula. I recommend Prevera to anyone looking for an affordable, but effective, way to improve skin.


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