What is Haloxyl?

What is Haloxyl?

Haloxyl is a synthetic anti-aging compound that is commonly deployed in cosmetic products around the world. It is a patented compound manufactured by Sederma, a French company known for its leadership in the cosmetics and dermatological ingredients industry. and contains the substances Pal-GHK, Pal-GQPR, N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and chrysin. It is well-known for its ability to reduce the visibility of dark circles underneath the eyes. Its intended function is to promote firmness and tone underneath the eyes, and to eliminate the occurrence of blood-derived pigment particles in the areas associated with dark circles, and to alleviate minor inflammation of those areas. What it does

Dark circles under the eyes (also called infra-orbital shadows) are the result of an accumulation of hemoglobin, and products of its degradation beneath the skin, such as bilirubin and iron. The compounds found in haloxyl first stimulate an enzyme in the skin that aids in the clearance of bilirubin from the skin, then makes the iron deposits soluble so that they can be whisked away by the blood stream. Simply stated – the compound helps the body do what it would do naturally, but in a much faster manner. This way, dark circles are eliminated by elimination of buildups of undesirable substances under the skin, and by keeping such buildups from occurring (given regular application of haloxyl). In studies by the manufacturer, haloxyl has shown to reduce the appearance of dark circles in volunteers by a factor of nearly 20%. Other studies with alternative delivery methods have shown results of up to 45% reduction. Purpose of Haloxyl

For the purposes of creating cosmetic solutions, most manufacturers use a composition of haloxyl starting with a base gel. Some people mix it with other creams and solutions to create their own home remedies.

Haloxyl is intended to be integrated into a variety of cosmetic products that provide anti-aging benefits and dark circle reduction. Common products include creams, gels, lotions, eye contour care products, and concealer. Numerous clinical studies of cosmetic products that contain haloxyl have provided significant, well-grounded evidence that haloxyl is effective at reducing dark circles under the eyes. Effectiveness of the product can depend on the method in which it is delivered to the skin, as well as the amount of particles that are built up in the skin underneath the eyes. Individuals with significant amounts of blood particles built up underneath their skin may take longer to see results from haloxyl application. Further, without prolonged application of a product containing haloxyl, it is likely that the dark circles underneath the eyes will return. As such, it should be understood that haloxyl application is not a one-step cure-all for dark circles under the eyes. In addition, haloxyl is safe to use with other cosmetic products that treat the under-eye area – for instance, many popular formulations that include haloxyl also have compounds to reduce inflammation under the eyes, or to restore collagen.


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